What is Karate?

So Karate is a Japanese word which has become later to be the name of this art. The original name of the art is Te which means fists. The name of the art then developed to become known as Karate-Do and it is as follows:

                         Kara: Empty


                         Te: fists

                         Do: way

Together it is The Way Of The Empty Hands.

This art was called so, later on, to be accepted by the Japanese and show that it’s a way of self-development and perfection and not a violent fighting style.

As most people might know or believe that Karate is a Japanese Martial art but going through the history of this art it is obvious and clear that the origin of the art is the land of Okinawa which use to be called the Ryukyu kingdom. The original form of the art was called Te. And each area of Okinawa had a different version of the art, so the name of the area was added before the word Te. There

were three main forms of it and they were known as

Naha Te.

Shuri Te.

Tomari Te.

Which later developed into different styles with some became major styles and other styles haven’t become famous.

Some of the major styles:

Goju Ryu.

Shito Ryu.

Shorin Ryu.

Uechi Ryu.

Motobe Ryu.

And most of the modern styles of Karate are based on these styles.

The practice of Karate is divided into three main sections +1 more that could be considered a part of some styles of karate:

Kihon: which is the basics of the arts which include:


Strikes (Punches/Kicks).

Blocks (Uke)


Kumite (Sparing).

Hojo undo (Supplementary exercises).


finally, we can say that karate is a Japanese martial art that was originated from the Ryukyu kingdom which is Okinawa today. The art name was Te hen it developed till it became Karate-Do. The practice of the art is divided into three main sections which are Kihon, Kata, and Kumite.

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