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Karate Head Gear Review (Pro Force Lightning Karate/Martial Arts Headgear)

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The Pro Force Lightning Headgear is a 3/4 covered foam that will protect the front top and back of the head with an ear protection that gives good hearing compering to other gears. It also has some cutouts around the neck to give more mobility.


Most of the costumers that have purchased the headgear are pretty satisfied withe the quality and the protection of it and have either recommended, gifted or purchased for another member of the family. Some of the costumers stated after using it for few months and that it still looks new although the use it twice or thrice a week. The estimated durability the headgear is around six months to 2 years.


Many of the negative compliance are either about the size or about the heat in side. Many of the buyers had problems with the size chart and purchased smaller sizes so they had to return it and take another size which add to the cost of the gear. Some of them also complained that the headgear will made their head very sweat a lot and it is very hot inside it when training. There were also some compliance about the packaging of the headgear and that it is poorly protect which have lead to some cuts and damages to the head gear before receiving.


The Pro Force Lightning Head gear Is a good quality, affordably and well protecting headgear that will deliver what is expected from it. However when selecting size it's better to be fearful and measure little bigger to get a nice fit but not always.

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