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Karate Gloves Review (whistlekick Martial Arts Gloves)

Wistlecick gloves are unique and conformable gloves that will withstand and endure the long term use. The double-reinforced palm strap is also desgind to be tear resistance and the gloves are made with special air flow system to make it less sweaty and more conformable to use.

costumers opinion:


With tens of happy costumers most of the reviews are positive and complimenting the quality of the gloves and durability .


However there are some bad reviews about the gloves which claim that the gloves where low quality and easily ripped but they replied that it ts a manufacturing accident. There where also some compliance about getting two right handed gloves or the opposite but the problem was fixed later.


The gloves are high quality and they are warranted. With less then 5% negative review and over 90% positivity the product is surely worth the try.


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