Kihon is a Japanese word that means basics and basics are very important in any form of martial art or knowledge to know, understand and master. The Kihon of karate is what the art is built on, any complicated advanced technic is normally a combination of kihon moves and mastering those advanced moves would be impossible without understanding the basics. Kihon is also very important when it comes to kata since kata can be considered a combination of kihon moves. And as it is known to all karatekas that kumite is the fruit of both Kata and Kumite and a great fighter is that how have mastered the basics.

So, as it is mentioned before that kihon is the basics of the art and these basics can be divided into two sections. Although some people would divide it into more section we would prefer to keep it simple here. So, what are these two sections?

  1. Stances.

  2. Strikes and blocks.

First, are the stances:

Since stances are the most important part of martial arts and the fundamental that all technic relay on so karate masters have taken good care of the stances and showed every stance possible to use in a fight. In karate, there are so many stances from high to low and from narrow to wide stances. Stances for punching, stances for kicking, stances for blocking and stances for throwing the opponent. Mastering the stance is very crucial when it comes to the technic and when practicing stances in karate it is very important to consider the following:

  1. The height of the stance.

  2. Maintaining balance.

  3. Having strong legs to support the body weight+ the weight from the opponent move.

Next is the strikes:

And strikes in karate should all come from the center of the body (or the core) and end by the center. The strikes in karate can be divided into three sections as following:

  1. Hand strikes such as punches, chops. Hummer's fist… etc.   

  2. Blocks: such as upper block lower and inside… etc. 

  3. Kicks such as front kick, side kick, round kick … etc.


The basic of karate can be divided into two sections Stances which is the most important part and strikes by hands and kicks. .Finally, every karate practitioner who is looking to master this art must be patient and take the time to understand and practice the basics. The only way to mastering karate is by mastering the basics and the only way to master the basics is repetition.

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