So, kata is a Japanese word which refers to patterned and choreographed moves in Japanese martial arts Kata could also be referred to as (form) in other martial arts. Generally, a kata could contain one technic or more the moves and technics in kata are designed to teach self-defense moves but it also has many other benefits:

  1. Self-defense: The main purpose of kata is teaching self-defense technics, so the practitioner would be able to practice them any time and any place.

  2.     Perfecting technics: Perfecting the technics is a very important part and by practicing and repeating the kata, the moves will become sharper and more fluid and it will be a part of the karateka so its possible to use whenever needed.

  3. Increase stamina: Increasing stamina is no doubt one of the biggest benefits of kata whether you repeat a single kata multiple times or you practice all the katas you know, the stamina you will gain by doing it is amazing.‚Äč


The training of kata has two parts that are important to learn and understand:

  1. Kata: Which is what has been explained previously.

  2. Kata Bunkai (Kata bunkai which is the application of the kata): In this part of the training, the practitioner will be learning how to apply the moves of the kata in real life. The training of bunkai is mostly in pairs (sometimes more) with attackers and a defender (similar to the yakusoku kumite). By doing the bunkai the practitioner will have more understanding to the kata and will know how the technics are applied in self-defense situations.

How many katas are there??

The katas are different in each style of karate, some are similar, some katas are the same and others have a small adjustment to them. However, the number of Katas are different for each style of karate and here are some examples:

  1. Go-Ju Ryu: eight katas

  2. Shotokan:  twenty-seven katas

  3. Uechi Ryu:  eight Katas

  4. Shito Ryu: over thirty katas

  5. Shorin Ryu: eighteen katas.

  6. Wado Ryu:  sixteen Katas.

Note: (This is the number of the official katas of every style there could be more or less depends on the style brunch).



Kata is a very important part of karate where the practitioner learns about the art how to use it and how it is applied. The training of kata is solo and it's in a group or in Paris when its bunkai. There are a different number of katas in each style of karate some are official katas which all branches of one syle practice and some are unique katas which are thought in all of the styles.

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