Hojo undo:

Hojo undo is a Japanese word which means supplementary training. These exercises are very important for the karate practitioners’ body to prepare for battle, to withstand, strikes and impact in the fight. These exercises can be performed with tools or with partners. The Hojo undo training could be divided into two main sections, Conditioning and strengthening exercises.


This part of training is related to the limbs: knuckles, fingers, shin, forearm and other parts which are used to strike in karate. The conditioning in karate is manly by hitting a hard object with the striking parts in a studied way that will make those parts stronger by time. This type of training could be done with a partner or by using tool. There are many different tools that could be used to condition the limbs in karate and here are some:

  • Makiwara.

  • Jari bako.

  • Kongoken.

  • Tou.

  • Sagi Makiwara.

  • Taketaba.


The other part of hojo undo is the body strengthening exercises, these exercises are designed to strengthen the body and make it harder to withstand strikes and blows and receive them with less damage than the non-trained body. This type of training could be performed by tools or without tools. There is a variety of tools that could be used for body strengthening in karate and here are some.

  • Chi ishi.

  • Ishi Sashi.

  • Nigiri game.

  • Tetsu Gate.

  • Makiage kigu.

  • Tan.

  • Kongoken.


Hojo undo which is supplementary exercises is an important part of the training of karate which is used in many styles of karate. The purpose of hojo undo exercises is to strengthen the limbs and body of the karateka to become a human weapon, to give deadly strikes and to receive hard blows with no problem.

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